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Residential spaces
Comercial spaces
The floor plan of the area

1. Width of the room: 4250mm
   Length of the room: 5750mm

2. Heigth of the room : 2800mm

3. Width of the entrance door: 1000mm
    Height of the entrance door: 2250mm
    Width of the terrace door: 2000mm
    Height of the terrace door: 2250mm
    Width of the window: 1700mm
    Height of the window: 1500mm
    Height of the windows ledge: 900mm

4. a. Distance of the plumbing from the wall: 1900-2250
    b. Distance of the drain from the wall: 1900-2250
    a. - b. Height of the plumbing: 450-600mm
    c. Distance of the socket’s middle from the wall : 2250mm
    c. Height of the socket from the floor: 450-550mm, respectively:1500mm
    d. Gas pipe distance from the wall: 600mm, height from the floor: 450mm